Savour the good things. Every sip is an ingredient to your happiness.

We brew real tea leaves, bye powders.

In Toronto, we are the only tea shop which is 100% powder free and source from the east.

Each cup of tea is a unique classic of its own taste and aroma. It is all natural and real. During the beginning of our development, we had countless of sleepless nights for testing the perfect temperature and brewing time for each type of tea we sourced. Hack ya! A cup of good tea is much deeper than what it is seem. It is steeped with all our heart and soul.

In order to fit vary types of life-styles, regardless we are dairy-free, lactose-free or vegan diet…etc; we’ve found numerous type of “Milk” and there is nothing can stop us from sipping off that delicious cup of Milktea at its best!

Local Engagement Promise.
100% Canadian Milk.

  • Only Quality Canadian Milk
  • Always Fresh & Wholesome
  • Artificial growth hormones FREE
  • Antibiotics FREE
  • 100% owned by local dairy Farmer

One Step Greener

It is estimated that almost 10,000 tonnes of plastic debris enter the Great Lakes each year, the discussion paper says. Ontario's Blue Box recycling program recovers only about 28 per cent of all plastic packaging in the province.

Though the ban is not yet legit, our team take it seriously and make the first step in the bubble tea industry. Our team takes on the premium cost risk and decide to make One Step Greener – by choosing paper straws instead of plastic straws.

Our paper straw is biodegradable and takes much less amount of time to decompose and it is also safer for wildlife. What not? Right?

We’re proud to develop a business with goodwill and hope to inspire people around us to act the same and also motivate our industry and make a better Earth for our next gen. Together we can!